Our Mission


When Dr. Juan Casillas II first entered the veterinary world he quickly noticed a huge problem facing the veterinary industry. Low Income families who cannot afford proper care will many times forgo treatment and may even stop taking their pet to the vet all together, leading to thousands of pets suffering in silence, never getting the treatment they so desperately need.

It was apparent to Dr. Casillas that there had to be an alternative to high cost treatment that people could administer themselves in their homes as well as used in his veterinarian clinic. 

That’s when he formulated his own line of natural pet products that would not only help prevent the ailments that require expensive surgeries and treatments to heal, but would also make your pet feel comfortable and healthy. 


A huge, and often overlooked component of pet care is pet preventative care, a dog’s ears can get infected if they are dirty and never get cleaned. a cat’s coat can become knotted, smelly, dirty, and develop infections unless it is routinely kept clean. Just like babies need care and attention from their parents to be clean and healthy, so do your pets. 

It was Dr. Casillas's goal to provide any family with any income a way to help prevent diseases and keep every family's pets clean, happy and healthy, but that only covers pets who are already healthy or who are already recovering from treatment. What about the families whose pets are already past the point of preventative care? What about the families who are out of options and have exhausted all of their funds? 

That’s when Dr. Casillas figured out another way his products can help low income families and their pets. By donating a percentage of revenue gained from the sale of his line of animal products, he would be able to fund some of the costs of surgery for pets belonging to low income families. Dr. Casillas and Tender Loving Care Animal Hospital are in the process of creating a Nonprofit Animal Welfare Organization in hopes of expanding The TLC Pet health charity to more families, and animals in need.