Canine Neuter 

We pride ourselves on exceptional and meticulous surgical care. It is our strongly held opinion that surgery is an art form, which is why Tender Loving Care Animal Hospital and Dr. Casillas holds every surgery he performs to the highest standard of care. We provide a service to the community by providing high quality Spays and Neuters at a discounted price simply because we care and your pet deserves it!

Tender Loving Care is always Free! 

Spays and Neuters are scheduled during a pre-surgical exam, no appointment needed, Monday - Saturday any time after opening and up until an hour before closing, just call us ahead of time to check the schedule for the day, first come first serve. 

( See estimated fees  below, fees are subject to change accordingly) 



Includes: Everyting essental for a healthy pet

E- Collar, Pain Injection, Pain Rx, and Fluids and one re-check visit. 

0-25     pounds   275
26-46   pounds   310
47-76   pounds   255 + $2 per pound
77-97   pounds   245 + $2 per pound

97 pounds plus TBD



Includes the Deluxe packages in addition to: A Pre-op blood test,Topical Antibiotic for surgical site,Therapeutic healing laser treatment for a speedy recovery

0-25     pounds   415
26-46   pounds  450
47-76   pounds  360 + $2 per pound
77-97   pounds  440 + $2 per pound


Please Note:
Our goal is to help you keep your pet safe and healthy. There will be an extra charge for any complication of a surgical procedure, including but not limited too: Extra sedation due to aggressive Behavior, Pre-existing infections, excessive fatty tissue, Fleas,  and parasites. In addition to antibiotics sent home as necessary.