We see petz according to Hospital Triage only, No appointment is needed, but you must call prior to arrival as we do stop seeing patience accordingly.

If your pet is not acting normal, or you know your pet is sick,

Get your pet checked as soon as possible. An Emergency fee may apply.

We schedule surgical / Anesthetic procedures mornings only and after an initial physical exam/consultation. Wait times are unpredictable as they are based on workload, We make every endeavor to help as many petz as one day allows, the rest will be asked to come in as soon as possible for next-day service. 

We appreciate your patience! 


Surgical Procedures are admitted within the first hour of opening, your pet must be completely fasted from any food and water after 10pm the night before the produre for strict

anesthetic purposes.


Monday, Thursday, Friday

Spay & Neuters:

Monday - Friday

 Physicals & Consultations are included in every visit.

Vaccinations & Sick pets: Anytime during regular hours and at least an hour before closing.


If you are concerned about your pet in any way & suspect they

may be sick or something may be wrong, PLEASE! Do not hesitate to get

your pet examined by a Veterinarian as soon as possible! By the time you

notice something is not right, your pet may have already been sick at least

a few days!