Five helpful tips for camping with your dog!

Use these tips to help you and your dog have a fun and safe camping experience.

Now that summers almost over people will be packing up their camping gear for the last couple times and hitting the trails to try and squeeze out a little more fun before their  summer ends! Many of those people will also be bringing their dog to participate in the fun and change of scenery. Taking your furry doggy friend can be a wonderful and memorable experience but its important to remember that your dog may need some extra equipment to help make their camping experience fun and safe as well. Here are some tips and tricks for when you and your dog go #camping!

1. Visit the Vet

First and foremost, any time you take your dog on a trip you should always take your dog to the vet for a checkup to make sure that they’re healthy enough to travel as well as make sure your dogs vaccines are up to date. It would also be wise to have your dog microchipped just in case your dog gets lost, but your pet should always be in your line of sight while you are camping, for safety's sake.

2. Pack for your dog

If you like to go camping then chances are you like to collect awesome camping gear and tech, things like ultra bright headlamps and mega-cool ice chests, but you also have to remember to pack for your dog too. Dogs accompanying you on your trip will need things as well. It is helpful to make a list, starting with the obvious things like a doggy bowl, some food, a leash. Then bring things your dog might need at the campground such as a first aid kit and insect repellant, but since some insect repellant brands can be harmful to dogs, its best to make sure you buy a brand that is designed for dogs. Bring plastic bags for your dogs "buisness", some toys, a doggy blanket and a towel if your dog likes to swim. If your dog is crate trained then you it is a good idea to bring the crate so your so your dog can use it on the camp ground. Some campgrounds require your dogs to be on a leash so it may be a good idea to bring a stake you can tie your dog too.

3. Test out your camping gear at home with your dog!

Everyone likes playing with their new camping gear anyways, so now you have an excuse, set up your tent at home with your dog watching. Wear your headlamp so they don't get scared when they see you for the first time wearing it at the campground. Its a good idea to let them get used to all your gear and sniff it out so they are more acclimated your gear and your campsite once you've gotten to the campground.

4. Call your campground and ask if they allow dogs.

This should be obvious, but It might not be something you think about if your a “spur of the moment” type of camper. It would ruin your trip before it even starts if they didn’t allow one of your campers, so make they allow dogs at your campground. 

5. Inspect your dog frequently for bugs and thorns!

Ticks along with mosquitoes transfer diseases, so in addition to your “doggy friendly” bug repellant make sure to frequently inspect your dog for ticks, and any pesky plants that may get into your dogs coat, things like foxtails, thorns, and burs.

Use these tips to help you and your dog have a fun and safe camping experience!

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