Five Helpful Tips You Should Know to help Keep Your Pet Safe

Our pets mean the world to us, they are a part of the family, and when they are

or not feeling well, it can mean a world of hurt for both the families and the pet. So, in the interest of helping you take the best care of your special furry friends, here are five helpful tips to help you keep your pet safe and healthy!

1. Visit the Vet for a checkup before you and your pet start engaging in any strenuous activities. This can tell you if your pet is at their optimal health, and if it is safe for you and your pooch to participate in the fun activities, they can also tell you if your pet has any underlying diseases.

2. Give your pets plenty of water, It is important to keep your pet hydrated. The hot sun can increase your dog’s body temperature to unsafe levels, causing your dog to pant heavily and become dehydrated. You can also add electrolytes to your dog’s water like V-Hydrate, to assure they are properly hydrated.

3. Never leave your pet in a parked car! Rightly so, this is actually illegal in many states, because a car can get so unbelievable hot, especially on hot days. The heat rises in a matter of minutes when your car is in the sun and the windows are up, so it’s extremely important to never leave any living thing in any unattended vehicle, even. If you think it isn’t hot enough, or you won’t take much time.

4. Keep people food away from pets! Many people think it’s okay to share their plate with their pet, but lots of food meant for human consumption can actually be very harmful to animals. By feeding them food made for human consumption, pet owners can actually be hurting their animals.

5. Pets fall, they can fall into pools and out of windows, so it’s important to make sure your pet isn’t around any unattended pools or hanging out on a windowsill that doesn’t have a screen on it.

These tips should help you keep your pet safe and happy, but there is no replacement for a good ol’ fashion veterinarian visit! Remember to take your pet regularly to a reputable vet!

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