Five human foods that are actually TERRIBLE for your dog.

Dont give into their sweet puppy eyes when they beg at the dinner table, especially if your eating something from this list!

If you have a dog then probably have experience with them begging at the dinner table, or possibly any time you’re eating something. Its hard to say no your best friend, as they look up to you with those big twinkly eyes and gaze at you while their mouth waters. Many people are guilty of giving people food to dogs, which in general isn’t a very good idea, but since some people can't help themselves and just have to share their meal with their furry best friend,  here are some foods that you should never give your dog under any circumstance. .

1. Chocolate

This one is the first on our list because many people already know how dangerous chocolate can be for dogs. Depending on your dogs size even small amounts of the toxin Theobromine, which is found in chocolate, could be deadly.

2. Salty Foods

Salt is an abundant ingredient in our snack foods, chips, nuts, and pretzels are all salted, and its hard to not let your dog get in on the snacking fun, but by giving your pooch too much salt they can become dehydrated and over compensate by drinking large amounts of water making them bloated.

3. Sugary Foods

Sugar in excess is bad for pretty much everyone, your dog is no exception, things like candy or pastries can attribute to K9 Diabetes or obesity. Many brands of gum or candy also contain the sweetener Xylitol, which is also extremely poisonous for your dog.

4. Dairy

Once a puppy becomes grown it stops producing an enzyme called lactase, which helps their stomachs break down the lactose from their mothers milk, meaning they can become lactose intolerant and experience some of the same symptoms that humans with the condition suffer from.

5. Raw Meats

This food is kind of up for debate because there are some vets who reccoemned switching to a raw meat based diet, but due to the large amounts of bacteria that can be found on any number of uncooked meats, it may not be a wise idea to feed completely uncooked meats to your dog. If you are gonna give your pooch a nice peace of meat to enjoy, make sure you cook it first to help kill any potentially harmful bacteria for your dog.

Stay away from these foods and your dog should be a happy and healthy pooch!

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