Just got a puppy? Heres what you NEED to know!

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Did you know that puppies are born blind? They also are born deaf, toothless, and without a sense of smell. New born puppies are just like newborn babies! Much like babies, the main activities that a newborn puppy’s day consists of is eating, sleeping, and interacting with the new world around it, they sleep so much a newborn puppy can sleep up to about 15 hours a day! At Tender Loving Care Animal Hospital we see a countless number of puppies every day including many common illnesses and problems found in puppies.  A puppy is a big responsibility for a family, they require lots of care and attention so they grown up into healthy and happy pooches.

We recommend bringing in your puppy between seven and eight weeks of being born. This visit is when we give your special pup a complete physical, tapeworm treatment, deworming, its first round of vaccines, and a fecal test to look for intestinal worms, parasites, Giardia, and coccidia, which can all be very harmful to your newest family member and even extremely harmful to you! We recommend bringing your pup in for a second visit between ten to twelve weeks of age and then your puppy will be given another comprehensive health check, their second round of vaccines, another deworming, and another tapeworm treatment. Your third visit (12-14 weeks), your puppy will be receiving another comprehensive health check, the third round of scheduled vaccines, including one for Kennel Cough, as well as another deworming.

At Tender loving Care Animal Hospital your 4th visit (14-16 weeks) on the deluxe puppy package is free, and on this visit your puppy will receive another health exam, vaccines for Parvo, Kennel cough, and rabies, as well as a one year rabies certificate.

Generally after your fourth puppy exam we recommend scheduling your spay or neuter procedure, which is just as important as getting your complete vaccines, because it prevents a many possible health problems, such as false pregnancies and testicular cancer. Its plain to see that having a puppy is a lot of responsibility, and if a puppy doesn’t receive the proper husbandry and care then it can develop serious illnesses, however if a puppy receives the proper care, vaccines, and husbandry, then your special little puppy friend will grow into a healthy and happy dog!

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