How to Keep Your Pets So Fresh and So Clean

Helpful Grooming hints and tips to ensure your pets are clean and comfy this summer.

Hot weather, clear skies, and swim suits, summer is coming up fast and its up to you to make sure your dog is comfortable and cool in this sweltering summer heat. Many problems can arise out of not properly caring for your special pooch's nails, skin, and ears, such as ear infections and dermatitis. Some dogs require a professional groomer to properly groom your pet's coat, ears, and nails, but there are measures you can take at home to make sure your pet stays clean and comfortable.

Remember to brush your dog's coat, and some breeds require a specific brush so make sure you are using the right one for your breed. A freshly brushed coat gets rid of the loose hair that can stop the air from circulating against its skin. By regularly brushing your pet's coat, you also prevent matted hair, which can trap heat as well as moisture, which can cause a skin infection. A dog's coat can protect against things like sunburn and sticks, so it isn't a good idea to shave your dog, but it is important to have you dog's coat well groomed.