Ensure your pets digestive system is healthy with V-Biotics, a unique blend of probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, and calcium that has been specifically formulated to benefit your pets entire body. This powerful combination will help maintain and restore the normal function of your pets digestive system, which is key to optimal health and the well-being of your pet.


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  • V-Biotics was created in an animal hospital by Veterinarian Dr. Juan Casillas so he had a Probiotic that properly fit his standard of high quality care for use in his Los Angeles based practice. A probiotic made from the finest ingredients that could be used on any of the hundreds of animals that come to receive Dr. Casillas’s treatment



    V-Biotics help maintain your pet’s digestive functions when it is recovering from surgery, suffering from digestive disorders, or taking medications/antibiotics. V-Biotics is also great for pets who are suffering from lethargy, skin problems, pain, arthritis, excessive shedding, allergies, and low energy.


    Give your pets V-Biotics to keep their digestive health at an optimal level.