For the nutritional support of the of the bodies digestive, circulatory immune system, and overall well being. V-tabs green is for dogs of all ages and should be offered daily for optimal benefits and disease prevention. 


*Dr. Casillas created the TLC Pet Health Product Lineup so people could have the tools to not only extend the life of people's beloved pets, but to also improve a pets' quality of life. He has made this his mission to aid animals through veterinary medicine and education so no pet has to suffer in silence. 


His drive to help animals in pain has let him to create his own charity through his hospital, Tender Loving Care Animal Hospital in Baldwin Park, CA. When someone makes a purchase of any TLC pet health product part of the proceeds goes to funding a portion of many of the surgeries and treatments that some families struggle to pay for. Rather than going without the treatment, the proceeds made from the sales of TLC products make it possible for low  income families to receive the treatments their pets desperately need.


With the help of the pet lover community, Dr. Casillas is striving to put an end to pet suffering.

V-Tabs Green

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  • Contains a unique blend of powerful life giving chlorella chlorophyll, wheat germ, wheat grass & alfalfa leaf, which are all rich in phytoneutrients, antioxidants, and prebiotics; harmoniously blended with a complete multi-vitamin with a taste your dog will love!